Hi there!

I'm Sarah Hoekstra.

Welcome to my website!

Take a look around and have fun :)

Sarah Hoekstra

Hi, I'm Sarah Hoekstra,

I'm nineteen years old and I live in Enschede.

I'm a first year Creative Technology student at Twente University.


About me

Here I will tell you something about the things I like.

I really enjoy traveling, I've been to a lot of places for a nineteen year old.

I've been to, for instance, Thailland, the US, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and to China.

At the end of my life I want to have seen all of the continents. That means that I still have to go to South-America,  Oceania, and Antartica.

The thing I like most about traveling is meeting other cultures and seeing nature.

What I also enjoy is reading. I like a lot of genres. But my favourite has to be fanasy. I am a real Potterhead and I also really like The Lord of the Rings.

Furthermore I like horsebach-riding. What I also like is Skiing. What I like most about it would have to be the speed.

Music really comforts me. I play the guitar and I sing. For that cause I joined the student-choir. Not only do I enjoy singing but music also brings me a lot of peace.

This year, I'm a member of the EducaCie. Which is a commitee that only started this year. We are Working hard to grow this year.

I'm also a member of the InCie. Which is a commitee at the horseback-riding association to better the communication between diffirent levels of members.


This year, I decided to do a board year at D.R.V. Hippocampus. This is the horse riding association for students of the UT and Saxion. In this board I have the function of Lessoncommissary. That means that I make the timetable each week and I have to be sure that everyone is on his or her horse in time.

Furthermore, I decided to do some more committees. I am now in the EducaCie, the acquisition committee, the symposium committee and in the protography.